What It’s All About

Program Overview

The program provides non-credit life skill training workshops for youth and youth adults 14-24 years old. Through the services of our programs we serve 300 youth annually for 48 weeks a year.

What Our Mission Is


The program is designed to empower and increase students' knowledge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by providing evidence-based life skills which encourage self awareness, maintaining healthy relationships, and future planning.

The main objective of this program is to provide evidence based life skills training and community mentors to encourage students to reach their fullest potential as they develop into adulthood. The subjects that are focused on are:

  • Goal Setting
  • Values
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Early Parent Prevention
  • Relationship Boundaries
  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Social Equality
  • Mental Wellness
  • College Awareness
  • Future Planning

* Ages 14-24

The Faces of the Program


BUR Coordinator

Lorraine Rojas-Rogers

Jobs Work & Youth Entrepreneur Program Educator/Coordinator

Lindly Fernandez

Manhood Educator

Darin Mann

Where It’s Taught


In Person

FFCU Headquarters

In Person

Granite Library

In Person

Horizonte Instruction & Training Center

Our Successes

Success Stories

2021 Graduate. When he first came into our class he did not necessarily want to be there, loved making a scene or joking around to create distractions, but kept coming. After inviting Tua Kealoha and Damarr Jones to speak to our class, something changed. They became great mentors to him and he even had an opportunity to participate in one of their films. He became a motivator to other youth his age and ended up being the MC at his graduation.


UAN Team

Chloe Raymundo, Carridee Raymundo, Bridget Raymundo, Jennifer Ong winners of the 2021 Utah Afterschool Network Student of the Year Award

Ian Hernandez Winter 2021 1st Prize Winner of Utah Afterschool Network Utahpreneur Pitch Challenge

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