What It’s All About

Program Overview

The FFCU’s Jobs Work Program provides life skill training to youth and empowers them to discover their personal strength, interpersonal skills, healthy relationships, and employability skills.

What Our Mission Is


The main objective of this program is to provide evidence based life skills training and community mentors to encourage students to reach their fullest potential as they develop into adulthood. The subjects that are focused on are:
* Goal Setting

* Values

* Strengths & Weaknesses

* Communication Skills

* Advocating Boundaries

* Sexual Harassment

* Stress Management

* Employment Seeking

* Soft and Hard Skills Exploration

* Basic Money Management

* Resume Building

* Cover Letter Building

* Interview Process

* Mock Interviews

* Career Exploration


* Must meet with Jobs Work Coordinator with a parent/guardian before attending a class.

* Must be ages 14-24

The Faces of the Program


Jobs Work & Youth Entrepreneur Program Educator/Coordinator

Lindly Fernandez

Where It’s Taught


In Person

Kearns Library

In Person & Virtual

Refugee Center

In Person

Granite Library

Our Successes

Success Stories

Anna came to our program from VOA, she worked at our snow cone booth for the summer and was able to get a second job as well. Anna saved $5000 and was able to move into her own place and out of homelessness.


Kayla was in our program for 6 months, she interviewed for 4 different jobs and received an offer for each one. She stated that if it were not for our program and the mock up interviews, she would not have had the confidence she did.


Jessica was a youth participant that had been referred to the Jobs Work Program by another JWP participant. She had moved from another state, where she was previously homeschooled. This was her first year in a public school and a new state. After this class, Jessica began to open up, speak more assertively and is even reaching out regularly to her educators for help on things like resume building.


Jaden approached us in the Fall of 2021 asking for help with creating a resume because they wanted to apply to a new cafe they had heard was hiring. They had been in quite a few of our workshops previously and had dealt with many mental health challenges, with some stemming from their current work environment. We scheduled a time to meet and work on creating a resume. This student was able to leave a mentally difficult job and is now working at this cafe that supports him and allows him to be his authentic self.


UAN Team

Chloe Raymundo, Carridee Raymundo, Bridget Raymundo, Jennifer Ong winners of the 2021 Utah Afterschool Network Student of the Year Award

Ian Hernandez Winter 2021 1st Prize Winner of Utah Afterschool Network Utahpreneur Pitch Challenge

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